5 Reasons to Invest in Quality Kitten Supplies

Kittens pack a big appetite into a tiny body and need high-quality nutrition to thrive. Wet kitten food provides essential moisture that helps small mouths chew and digest the food more efficiently. Cats are naturally curious and need safe toys for play that cannot be splintered, torn apart, or swallowed. Kittens should also have a comfortable, draft-free, and warm place to sleep.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Adding a kitten to your family is exciting but requires some planning. To ensure your new cat is well-fed, hydrated, and happy, stock up on all the necessary supplies. You can find a variety of kitten essentials at Chewy.com, from litter to toys and cat trees to treats. Kittens have a lot of energy, so they need a portion of quality food that can fuel their growth and meet their nutritional needs. A food with named meats as the first ingredient is ideal, and it’s best to avoid foods with corn, wheat, or soy. Keep your kitten’s home clean with a litter box that minimizes odors and comes with a scoop filter to make cleaning easy. You can also use a deodorizing cat spray to freshen up the area after accidents. Finally, it’s a good idea to hide or move any electrical cords out of reach and ensure that houseplants are not toxic to cats. Ensure all windows are closed and locked, as curious kittens may try to jump and climb onto screens and window ledges.

Keeping Your Kitten Healthy

The soothing purr of a new kitten can melt your heart, but it can also be interrupted by a claw swipe or teething bite. Setting your new kitty up for success with the right supplies is essential. Start with a cat checklist and a safe, sturdy carrier to take your kitty to vet visits or when traveling. Kitten toys are a secondary consideration. Still, they can help keep your young cat entertained and away from household items that could pose safety risks, such as electrical cords or corded window shades. Cats have an intense natural curiosity, and toys are an excellent way to channel that energy into productive play. Another essential item for a healthy kitten is food formulated for their growth stage. This diet will give them the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy without overdoing calories. Also, keep a nail trimmer on hand to keep your kitten’s nails at a healthy length, preventing them from scratching furniture and carpets.

Keeping Your Kitten Safe

Kittens are naturally curious and will sniff or lick anything they find interesting, including items that could be dangerous. To help prevent your kitten from inadvertently ingesting harmful substances, invest in some child-proof latches to secure cabinets with cleaning products, medications, and other potentially toxic materials. Many everyday household items like thumbtacks, string, and yarn can be hazardous if a curious kitten chews on them. These small objects can lead to choking or intestinal obstructions. Clean out your home regularly and check under furniture for items that could interest your kitten, such as tangled cords from window blinds or plugged-in electric wires. Purchase covers that snap over electrical cords to protect them from tripping or chewing, and tie up drapery pull and cords out of reach. Keep your cat out of the garage, where chemicals and solvents like antifreeze might be stored. Also, keep the toilet lid down at all times to avoid a kitten from falling in and drowning. Cover wastebaskets and kitchen garbage containers, and consider purchasing a cat-safe litter box and bed.

Keeping Your Kitten Happy

The soothing purr of a kitten, as she kneads your chest and falls into blissful sleep is a beautiful way to end the day. However, that bliss can quickly turn to panic if she swats you with her sharp claws or bites ceaselessly at your neck. To avoid such behavior, provide toys that engage your kitty and keep her active, physically and mentally, which will help her burn off extra energy and reduce stress. Young kittens have an intense curiosity and an urge to explore their environment, so having lots of toys around can keep them away from household items that pose a safety risk, like corded window shades or electrical wires. Toys can also provide an outlet for their instinct to climb and scratch, so provide plenty of cat trees, shelves, condos, and scratching posts in different shapes, styles, and materials to match your décor. Finally, a comfortable bed is essential, especially if your cat will nap on or in it. Many types of beds are available, including ones shaped like caves and burrows that cats love. A soft blanket is an excellent addition to help your cat stay warm and cozy.

Keeping Your Kitten Healthy

Kittens have sharp minds and claws, so providing them with plenty of cat-safe toys is essential. Toys that encourage stalking, chasing, and pounce-play are ideal. Investing in toys that can be easily cleaned is also a good idea. This can help keep the litter box clean and free of sand and other debris and will give your kitten something to play with while you are away. Make sure to purchase a high-quality kitten food that provides the nutrients your little bundle of joy needs. Choose one that has been tested for nutrient content and contains DHA, an omega fatty acid that supports cognitive development. Getting your kitten started on the right foot with good daily habits is essential. Kittens need quality food and water bowls that are sturdy enough not to tip over. They also need a comfortable bed or soft-sided carrier to sleep in and a crate or soft-sided carrier for trips to the vet. It’s also a good idea for your kitten to be microchipped, desexed, and updated with annual health check-ups.

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