How To Get Travel Jobs in USA

I left my corporate job in the Philippines years ago so that I could Best Travel Jobs in USA and work remotely. Looking back, I was frightened about making that decision… But what about now? I have no regrets and will never have them because I have secured my future, am fulfilling my aspirations, and am loving every minute of it!  Aside from that, this is exactly the type of lifestyle I’ve always desired.

And what about working a 9-to-5 job — or even longer! — caged up in an office setting for a pittance? That didn’t fit me, and it didn’t inspire me in the least. Okay, I’ll confess that it seemed amazing at first because of the ‘sense of security’ it gave me, as well as the whole idea of achieving ‘success’ in an investment bank setting at the age of 19.Best Travel Jobs in USA However, as time went on, I understood that I wanted to…

 The travel jobs in USA

  • Who doesn’t want to be in charge of their own time? and not trade my twenties for a career I didn’t enjoy
  • Earn what I’m worth with my skillset (fresh graduates, in my opinion, will always be underpaid); and
  • Get rid of time-wasters (hello, horrendous traffic and exorbitant tension!)

And, with the help of this piece, I’ll show you how to get started on your own ‘life of travel,’ complete with financial and job location flexibility. I’ll also highlight additional Travel jobs in USA that my friends and travel bloggers have done or are doing, in addition to my own experiences.

  •  Digital Nomad Travel Jobs
  • Counseling, Teaching, or Tutoring Travel Jobs
  • Au Pair Jobs
  • Non-Paying Jobs (But with FREE Accommodation and/or Food)
  • Traditional Travel Jobs

Digital Nomad Travel Jobs

This is how I got started after leaving my corporate job in 2013. To be a ‘digital nomad,’ all you have to do is take full advantage of the technology available to you (ta-dah: the Internet!) in order to work remotely and earn money whenever and wherever you like — much like a mobile existence.

To tell you the truth, if you’re creative enough, Travel Jobs in USA  you can turn any existing work into a digital nomad job!

Simply browse through the list below for more types of ‘digital’ travel jobs that you may undertake with the help of an internet connection (see also the top 33 helpful websites you can use), because one or more of them might suit you!

Consultation or Coaching

If you are a professional or an expert in a particular industry (for example, financial management, event management, real estate, relationships or dating [pick up artists and so on], etc. ), you can offer this service online. Travel Jobs in USA I suggest this because most businesses (and even individuals) require additional assistance without having to hire someone full-time in their physical office. Aside from creating your own website to promote your skills, you may also join companies like, where you can earn passive money by creating pre-made courses.

Blogging & Vlogging

This is one of the best travel jobs, and if you build up a following, the pay may be fantastic. Companies and brands will compensate you for features and reviews, as well as provide you with a free stay, airfare, dinner, and other benefits. Travel Jobs in USA You can also take advantage of advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities to generate some serious cash. In terms of ‘vlogging,’ becoming a YouTube partner can help you start earning a lot of money. Most people produce makeup and fashion videos online, or simply make amusing skits; but, if you’re into gaming, you’ll make game movies.

Virtual Specialists or Assistants

  • You can accomplish administrative work, customer service, data entry, data processing, management, online research, secretarial work, transcription, and other things with the help of internet websites (like these).
  • Services for Experts
  • Finance (Bookkeeping), Legal, Medical, Marketing/Marketer, Social Media Management, and other fields require content creation, copywriting, editing, and proofreading.
  • Graphic Design, HTML, Programming, Web Design, Web Development, Video/Audio Editing, and other technical services are available.

Counseling, Teaching, or Tutoring Travel Jobs

Teach English Overseas

Countries where English is not spoken as a first language should be your first choice, especially if you don’t mind teaching or have previous teaching experience Travel Jobs in USA (s). Don’t worry, some institutions or language centres will only demand you to have a Bachelor’s degree and a basic understanding of the English language. Even so, the majority of them will assume you have a TEFL (or TESOL/TESL) certificate.


Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand are the trendiest countries for English teachers right now (with Japan, Taiwan, and Korea paying the highest).Travel Jobs in USA Simply type this into Google (the term is usually ‘ESL teacher’) and a plethora of reference websites for job openings, applications, and more will appear. (For a start, check out


If you’re from the Philippines, like me, you can surely go to the high-paying Asian countries I stated above, but most of the time you’ll need a visa (this isn’t the case if you’re from the United States or Europe). Apart from visiting visa-free Thailand as an alternative Asian destination, Travel Jobs in USA the next best option is to travel to South America, which has a number of destinations that are visa-free for most nationalities.

Online Teacher or Tutor

This is also a type of digital nomad work, and sites like,, and (more information here) are excellent places to start. It’s worth noting that there are application processes in place for this, and most websites demand years of expertise.

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